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Calling All Addiction Counselors And Coaches ...

Do You Feel Tired and Sad When Your Clients Keep Relapsing?

Hi, I'm Christina Veselak 

"Let me share 3 Discoveries... that have allowed me to even more effectively support my clients' recovery through a deeper understanding of what actually drives  Cravings and Relapse..."

Founder and Director,
The Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition 

Let me share the time-tested nutritional practices that lead my clients to keep asking...
 "Why hasn't anybody ever told me this before?" ...

I hope sharing this with you allows you to find one or two ways from my past 30 years to help you to even more effectively support your clients' recovery.

  • ​Discovery #1:  How I STOP My Clients Cravings in Under 48 Hours and then STOP their Relapsing​
  • ​Discovery #2:  How I Empower My Dependent or Addicted Clients to Detox AT HOME - Without the Need for In-Patient Detoxification
  • Discovery #3:  How I Keep My Clients Engaged by Empowering Them to Get Rid of Their Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Energy and Focus ... For Good!
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